CrossFit Pyro
3515 2nd street NE Calgary, Alberta
(403) 671-4727

$25 CAD

Starting next Monday, we’ll be offering ROMWODs every night at 8pm. We have everything setup with a big screen in the Dojo. We’ll be running the long versions, approximately 20-25min and sometimes 40min. Maintenance and Mobility is a crucial part of fitness, health and wellness. It is a must, there is no way around it. This is obviously free of charge to all members. We do have mats for you to use but we recommend that you bring your own. We hope that many of you will come together and take advantage of it.

CrossFit Pyro at Injanation Friday June 8th @6pm. There will be no classes that night as everyone should play together. 20$ per person, payable on site. No need to reserve, all you need to do is show up

Community is a huge part of what makes CrossFit Pyro so unique. Here are multiple ways you can stay connected:

Official facebook page, just give us a like

Official Instagram page

Facebook community group (search CrossFit Pyro community and ask to join)

All upcoming events are on the white board, top right corner, make sure to have a look

And, the best way to be part of the community, is simply to be there! Come to the gym and take part in all of our events


5min EMOM

Max unbroken clean and jerks 135/95

Precisely 5min after

For time:


Dumbell power snatch 50/35

10 burpee box jump overs 24/20

Note: Dumbbell snatch are alternating. Box facing for the burpees. Very similar to 17.1 but not quite

Weightlifting W9D2

5 sets

2 squat cleans + 2 jerks

Note: Perform 2 cleans, drop allowed, then at your 2nd clean, perform 2 jerks. Build to max

Hatch squats W9D2

Back squats



Front squats


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Drop in policy

Experienced CrossFitters only please

Pay for a drop-in

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Apr 11, 2020


Apr 12, 2020

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