CrossFit 403
Bay 507, 43 East Lake Crescent Airdrie, Alberta T4A 2H5

$25 CAD

Warm Up

3 rds

10 slow steps left and right banded monster walks

10 scap pull ups

20 hollow rocks

5 good form empty bar clean and jerks



12mins working clean and jerk triples. If you have to power clean that is OK but try to ride the squat down with out moving the feet. Use a weigh that challenges form.


4mins to build to 75% 1rm


EMOM 7mins- 2 clean and jerks increase weight to challenge form


Clean and jerk

5 sets of 3 @ 80-85% 1rm

*full squat clean


May 23 - 2018


50 sit ups

25 kb deadlifts

50 sit ups

25 kb deadlifts

50 sit ups


50 sit ups or 15 toes to bar

25 deadlifts @185/135

50 sit ups or toes to bar

25 deadlifts

50 sit ups or toe to bar


20 toes to bar

25 deadlifts @ 225/165

20 toe to bar

25 deadlifts

20 toe to bar


Floor press

4, 4, 4, 4


20 wall balls (heavier than normal)

Pair up with some one and try to beat their time

Push heavy prowler 15m, stop turn sprint back 15m and back to where prowler is 15m.

(essentially a 15m heavy sprint like a bob sled- sprint back to the start and sprint back to the prowler like a shuttle. 45m total distance effort. Rest 90seconds 5 efforts

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Experienced CrossFitters only please

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