Who can drop-in?

Experienced, traveling CrossFitters.

If you are planning on trying CrossFit for the first time, franfindr is not for you. We suggest connecting with the box directly and seeing what they offer for first-timers.

What happens if I can’t make the WOD I pay for?

If you book within 24hrs of a scheduled class there will be no refund given. You can, however, contact the box directly to see if they are willing to transfer your drop-in to another class.

Cancellation with 24+ hour notice will be subject to a cancellation fee of $7.

Will the box know I’m coming?

Yes, you and the box will receive a real-time confirmation email when you pay for your drop-in on franfindr.

Any other questions can be addressed via email: eric@franfindr.com

Affiliate Owners

How much does it cost us?

$3. We charge an administration fee to send you traveling CrossFitters. This covers credit card charges, administrative operations, ongoing product development & enhancement, etc. Of course, if no-one uses Franfindr to drop-in to your box, it costs you nothing.

It’s likely that being on Franfindr will increase the number of drop-ins you receive, which means you won’t lose money at all, you’ll probably make more.

Is there a setup fee?

No. Part of our service is that we set you up on Franfindr (if you’d rather not wait for us, you are welcome to set yourself up here) and we send you traveling CrossFitters. All you have to do is coach.

How do we get paid?

During our initial launch, we will send you an etransfer or cheque when drop-ins use our service to visit your box. One of our fist upgrades will involve a payment integration system that will allow us to direct deposit your portion of the drop in.

What about the waiver?

Our lawyers (aka sharks with lasers on their heads) have developed a very comprehensive waiver that each athlete must agree to before paying for their drop-in to your box. It will be emailed to you along with their confirmation.