About Us

Why we built it

We’re box owners & we’re traveling CrossFitters.

Franfindr was built out of frustration.

Frustration of having to open 42 webpages when deciding on a box to drop-in to while traveling, just to have to send an email or make a phone call to see if we could drop-in.

From the perspective of the box owner, drop-ins present a challenge as well. Owners reply to emails or phone calls (often too late) then have the athlete fill out a waiver and accept their payment.

While this seems straightforward, it takes time, and if you’re the only one coaching, some of that time may eat in to the class that you are supposed to be teaching.

Franfindr was built to solve problems on both sides.

The traveling CrossFitter has a hub they can visit to decide on a box, a wod, a class & pay for their drop-in. Best of all, it’s all in same spot.

Box owners’ lives are simplified as well. They get a confirmation email, a signed waiver, and payment all in one & all they are left to do is coach.

Everybody wins.

Who’s behind it

Eric & Christi Barber. We love CrossFit. We compete and have even represented our boxes while competing at Regionals. Our 2 boxes in Calgary Alberta are home to Games Athlete Emily Abbott. We love to travel & jump in on a WOD at other boxes whenever we get a chance.

What’s coming?

We’ve got so much planned for Franfindr. We’re constantly working to improve your experience on Franfindr. If you have something you’d like to see, feel free to shoot us an email & we’ll take a look at it. Who knows? Maybe we’re already working on it.

For the traveling CrossFitter:

  • We’re adding boxes every day! Our goal, as audacious as it may sound, is to have every box in the world on the map. Your drop-in life just got a whole lot easier.
  • Featured boxes & coloured pins so you know what type of box you are going to
  • Box reviews by traveling CrossFitters just like you
  • Photos and/or video walk throughs
  • Ride share service integration
  • Rewards, Contests & more

For the box owner:

  • Payment integration (so the drop-in funds are deposited directly into your account)
  • Software integration so we can ensure you don’t hit your class caps
  • Updated user profiles so you know a more about the athlete that is going to drop-in